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Brief-Coaching in action
when one coaching session is all it takes

Discover how brief coaching works in practice, watching a live session with a real client.

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When one coaching session is all it takes

In this DVD, viewers will observe a coaching session between Peter Szabó as coach and Jonathan, the founder and director of a company which has been in business for ten years. Overwhelmed by daily business issues, Jonathan wants to be taken more seriously by board members and colleagues at his company as he pursues some of his long-standing dreams.

See how the coach guides Jonathan in his efforts to get back on track and move toward his goal. In the session presented in the DVD, Szabó and Berg demonstrate the effectiveness of providing Jonathan with a concentrated time to think about his goals, resources, and next steps.

Find out what has been most useful for the client in an immediate post-session interview done by Insoo Kim Berg. Also witness the client’s progress when he returns for a follow up session.

«Brief-Coaching - When one coaching session is all it takes» features:

Part 1) Coaching Session 34.09
Part 2) Thinking Break 5.52
Part 3) Feedback to Client 2.32
Part 4) Post-session Interview 7.55
Part 5) Follow-up Session 3.53

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